Transportation Services

Waterborne Heavy Hauling

Let Sterling Equipment handle your company's waterborne material transportation needs. We have an experienced management and operations team that can set up materials delivery to your worksite based on your project schedule and in quantities to maximize your build schedule.

Loading Beams

In 2010 on Cardi Corporation's 160 Million-Dollar Sakonnet River Bridge project, Sterling Equipment designed and managed the entire logistics train for eighty-six precast beams delivered from manufacturing plant in Tennessee to the job site in Tiverton, RI.

Load Planing

We needed the beams delivered by truck in a specific sequence to our load site in Wilmington, NC to conform to the load plan designed by our Naval Architect.These beams weighed up to 103 tons and were up to eighty feet in length and we did not want to handle them multiple times.

Wilmington NC Yard

Once at the load site, we used our own barge mounted 4100 Ringer Crane to load the beams onto two of our ABS Load Line barges.


Using our 2400 horsepower tug the Jay Michael, we tandem towed the barges to the job site on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, RI, over 800 miles away from the manufacturing plant in Tennessee. We not only saved Cardi Corporation the delivery costs associated with eighty-six trucks, but because we brought a large quantity by barge, we eliminated the scheduling of the truck deliveries as well as the need for a substantial laydown area.

Equipment Transportation

We can also handle your smaller jobs, mobilizing equipment and personnel to jobsites that do not have access by roadway.

Gravel Transportation and Off-Loading

2016 Sterling Equipment entered into a Sub-Contract Agreement with Ferreira Construction to transport and off-load 250,000 ton of Gravel from and facility in Haverstraw, NY on the Hudson River to a project site in Sewaren, NJ on the Arthur Kill. With the use of our Tug and Hopper Barge fleet we transported 3000 Tons per day to Seawaren. As there was no pier or dock onsite we set up two spud barges with an Excavator and Conveyor and off-loaded the material 150' to shore.

PDC Building Transportation and Offloading

In November 2016 we took delivery of a PDC Building at our Quincy Facility. The structure measured 60' Long x 15' Wide and 13' Tall and weight 120,000 lbs. We offloaded at our yard and loading onto a barge and transported to Salem, MA. When it arrived we used two 300 Ton cranes mounted on barges and off-loaded onto a pier that was 50' onshore.

Steel Pipe Transportation

In February 2017 we entered into a contract with Meever USA to transport 650 Tons of Steel pipe that were 115' Long and 36" Diameter. Sterling Equipment supplied and ABS Barge and Tugboat along with loading supervising to transport the pipe from Tioga Terminals, Philadelphia, PA to Astoria, Queens, NY.