Dredge Material Mixing and Off-Loading

Sterling Equipment has successfully processed and disposed of thousands of tons of dredge material from New York, New Jersey and Boston Harbors. This process entails dewatering the hopper barges and mixing cement with the dredge material from a Silo. The treated material is then offloaded and trucked to various landfills. Sterling self performs all aspects of the dredge mixing, offloading and disposal.

Salem Power Plant Project

In July 2015, Sterling Equipment entered into a subcontract agreement with Iberdrola Energy to transport all the major components for the new power plant in Salem, MA. Hundreds of trucks were brought to our facility in Quincy and materials were loaded onto barges and towed to Salem. We had a crane barge and crew onsite in Salem where we offloaded materials onto land. Sterling also coordinated with major shipping lines in Boston to oversee all transportation logistics for the entire project. Shipments came from the US and ports all over the world. The project was completed in March 2017.