Ship Yard Repair Services

We have the facilities and full support services necessary to maintain all of our equipment. This includes our Main Shop, our Welding and Fabrication Shop, as well as the other equipment necessary to support any operation such as fork lifts, cranes, bobcats, loaders, ramp truck, and man lifts.

Gravel Transportation and Off-Loading

In 2016, Sterling Equipment entered into a subcontract agreement with Ferreira Construction to transport and offload 250,000 tons of gravel from a facility in Haverstraw, NY on the Hudson River to a project site in Sewaren, NJ on the Arthur Kill. We transported 3,000 tons of gravel per day with our tug and hopper barge fleet. Because there was no pier or dock onsite in Sewaren, we set up two spud barges with an excavator and conveyor and offloaded the material 150' to shore.