Specialized Projects

Gravel Transportation and Off-Loading

In 2016, Sterling Equipment entered into a subcontract agreement with Ferreira Construction to transport and offload 250,000 tons of gravel from a facility in Haverstraw, NY on the Hudson River to a project site in Sewaren, NJ on the Arthur Kill. We transported 3,000 tons of gravel per day with our tug and hopper barge fleet. Because there was no pier or dock onsite in Sewaren, we set up two spud barges with an excavator and conveyor and offloaded the material 150' to shore.

PDC Building Transportation and Offloading

In November 2016, Sterling Equipment took delivery of a PDC Building at our Quincy facility. The structure was 60' long x 15' wide x 13' tall and weighed 120,000 lbs. We offloaded the structure at our yard, loaded it onto a barge and transported it to Salem, MA. When it arrived in Salem, we used 2 300-ton cranes mounted on barges and offloaded it onto a pier that was 50' onshore. that was 50’ onshore.

Pier Demolition – Sewaren, NJ

Upon completion of the Sewaren, NJ Gravel Transportation and Off-Loading Project, Sterling immediately began demolition of an adjacent Pier Structure. The pier was 300' wide x 60' long. This project entailed excavating the pier, chiseling large concrete slabs, R & D timbers and concrete seawall, removing 31 h-beams that were 115' long and R & D timber decking. When the demolition portion of the project was complete, we set 12,000 of stone in place.

Salem Power Plant Project

In July 2015, Sterling Equipment entered into a subcontract agreement with Iberdrola Energy to transport all the major components for the new power plant in Salem, MA. Hundreds of trucks were brought to our facility in Quincy and materials were loaded onto barges and towed to Salem. We had a crane barge and crew onsite in Salem where we offloaded materials onto land. Sterling also coordinated with major shipping lines in Boston to oversee all transportation logistics for the entire project. Shipments came from the US and ports all over the world. The project was completed in March 2017.

Steel Pipe Transportation

In February 2017, Sterling Equipment entered into a contract with Meever USA to transport 650 tons of steel pipe that was 115' long and 36" diameter. We supplied an ABS barge and tugboat along with loading supervising personnel, to transport the pipe from Tioga Terminals in Philadelphia, PA to Astoria, Queens, NY.